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What is the process of applying for an opportunity? will regularly announce new casting opportunities in movies, TV shows and other entertainment platforms. Each such opportunity will be accompanied by a specific brief from the director, explaining what the applicant for the opportunity needs to do to apply.

The applicant will then have to shoot himself or herself doing the screen test/audition, and upload the video on

Are there any application charges?

Each screen test/audition will have to be accompanied by an application fee. The fee is different for different projects.

There is no registration fee and no charges for uploading any other videos, pictures or sound clips for general viewing.

What are the methods of payment?

You can pay the application fee in 3 ways:

Online at through credit card.
By sending us a Demand Draft at the following address: 
Honhaar trust, F-5 3rd Floor, Single Storey, Vijay Nagar, Delhi-110009
Pay in cash/DD at any of our franchisee locations.
In all 3 cases, please make sure you have received your Application ID. This will be used to identify your application in all future communication between you and the site.
Can I get help with my screen test/audition? has a section with contact details of video studios across the country where applicants can get their screen test/audition shot.

This is purely an information service for applicants and neither endorses these studios nor has any formal relationship with them. 

What video formats can I upload? 

The permitted video formats are avi, wmv, mpg, 3gp, 3gpp, mp4, divx, dat, dv, mov, qt and asf. (Recommended length:2 minutes)

How do I upload my screen test/audition to

Select the Opportunity for which you want to submit a screen test/audition and in that Opportunity's page click the Submit screen test/audition button. You will be taken to the Payment for Screen Test page where you will need to select your mode of payment and then make an online payment. On successfully paying for your submission you will be taken to the My Account page from where you can upload your video.

Alternatively, you can send us your screen test/audition video on a CD by mail and we will upload it for you. Remember to mention your Application ID on the CD label AND mail it to us at least 10 days before the deadline for the opportunity. 

What is the fee for a screen test/audition submission?

The fee is different for different projects. The fee will be displayed on the Project page of the opportunity

How do I make a payment for a screen test/audition?

When you select to submit your screen test/audition for a role, you will be taken to the payment page where you need to select you method of payment and enter the amount. Your payment will be processed and a message indicating the status of your payment will be available on My Notifications of the My Account page.

How will I know if my screen test/audition has been successfully uploaded to

Once you have successfully uploaded your screen test/audition, you will receive an acknowledgement email and the My Notifications section of your My Account page will display the status of your upload.

What happens once I upload my screen test/audition on

Once the deadline for an opportunity is over, all screen tests/auditions submitted for the opportunity go through the Assessment process, The top videos will be "short listed" to be sent to the Director/ Producer of the opportunity.

When will my screen test/audition be available for viewing on

Till the assessment of all screen tests/auditions submitted for the opportunity is completed, the videos uploaded by you will be available for viewing ONLY on your My Account page.

Once the evaluation is over, all videos submitted for the opportunity along with the composite score will be available for viewing by all members of on the page for the opportunity (now available as a Past Opportunity) and through the Screen Test Videos option. 

Do I need to upload a screen test/audition video as soon as I pay for it?

No, you can upload your video any time from the time you pay to the date till which the opportunity is open. A message will be displayed on the My Notifications section of your My Account page with an option to upload you screen test video.

If I pay for a screen test/audition and do not upload the video before the opportunity closes, do I lose my money?

No, the amount paid for the screen test/audition is kept in your account. This amount will be displayed on the My Notifications section of your My Account page. When you apply for the next opportunity, you can use this amount to pay for the screen test video you submit.

Is there a restriction on the size of my screen test/audition video?

Yes, the duration of the video must be ONLY TWO minutes. If you submit a video that is longer than 2 minutes, you will be assessed only on the first two minutes of the video.

Can I change or delete my screen test/audition once I upload it to

No. All submissions are final

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