Talent Contests

What are Talent Contests?

To give talented actors and entertainers the chance to show their talent, honhaar.in will conduct regular contests with talent management contracts, in which applicants can participate exactly as they will while applying for a role or an opportunity. They will be given a situation, which they will then enact, shoot and upload on the site (or send a CD). The contest entries will be evaluated by our panel, feedback given to all participants and winners announced on the site. After the contest evaluation is over, all entries will be available on the site for all participants to see.
Participants' contest entries will also be added to their profile pages (apart from their screen tests/auditions and free uploads), thereby adding to the range of their talent on display. This will enable them to have a much richer portfolio and help them to be noticed by talent seekers. 

Are there any charges? 

There will be an entry fee for the contests, to cover the costs of the evaluation and feedback process. 

Is it free to upload my videos, pictures and sound clips on honhaar.in? 

Yes, honhaar.in hosts your videos, pictures and sound clips for free. You can upload as many videos, pictures and sound clips as you want. This is unlike any other site - all other sites charge you if you upload more than a certain number of videos, pictures and sound clips. 

How do I upload my videos, pictures and sound clips on honhaar.in? 

First, you have to create an account on honhaar.in (It's FREE!!). Once you are logged in, navigate to the Free Uploads section or the My Uploads section in your account and use the "upload" button provided on the page. 

Do I need to provide information along with my videos, pictures or sound clips ? 

When you submit your media to upload, you are provided with a form to add additional information. You can add a title, some description, the language used in the file and tags for people to identify the media.
You can edit this information later through the My Uploads section on your My Account page. 

What are tags? 

Tags are words that help people search for media on honhaar.in. For example, if the media is about your dancing; use the tags break dance, dancing, dance, etc., if you so wish. You can use several words to identify your media separated by commas. 

Will my upload be available on the website immediately? 

No, your upload will be available after some time. You can check the status of your upload in the My Notifications section of your My Account page 

How long are my videos, pictures and sound clips kept on honhaar.in? 

Your videos, pictures and sound clips are kept as long as they do not violate honhaar.in's Terms and Conditions and you do not remove them yourself. 

Who can see my videos, pictures and sound clips once they are uploaded to honhaar.in? 

Once your videos, pictures and sound clips are uploaded to honhaar.in, everyone can view and search for them. 

How do I remove my video, picture or sound clip? 

Log into your account on honhaar.in and go to the My Account page. In the My Uploads section you will see all videos, pictures and sound clips that you've uploaded, which are currently live on the site. From here you can delete your videos, if you wish.


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